Protective Packaging Solutions

Automated Packaging Systems designs and manufactures inflate-on-demand protective packaging for wrapping, block and brace and void-fill, offering high quality alternatives to traditional foam chips, paper and pre-formed bubble material. 

Wrapping Solutions

AirPouch® FastWrap bubbles-on-demand protect against vibration and shock during shipping and handling making it an optimal solution for fragile products.

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Block and Brace Solutions

AirPouch EZ-Tear air tubes and twin pillows keep items from shifting in the box during transport and protect corners and edges that are the most vulnerable to damage. 

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Void-Fill Solutions

AirPouch EZ-Tear air pillows are ultra-lightweight and puncture-resistant, improving product protection while reducing packing costs.

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mail bagShipping Solutions

Autobag® and SidePouch® bagging machines automate the packing process to meet delivery requirements. To learn more about these solutions, visit our Mail Order Fulfillment page.