Supplier of the Year award for AirPouch

Peter Wylie of Automated Packaging Systems UK receiving the Supplier of the Year Award

Supplier of the Year award for AirPouch

The maker of AirPouch void fill and protective packaging systems has been recognised as Supplier of the Year by leading distributor of paper and packaging solutions Antalis Verpackungen – a business which distributes AirPouch® and Autobag® systems throughout Europe.

Jens Lehnert heads the Automated Packaging Systems team in Germany. He explains why this award is so important: “Antalis specialises in delivering tailored packaging solutions that demonstrably improve productivity and efficiency for its customers. It doesn’t operate a one-size-fits all approach, and neither do we, which is why we’re delighted that it has highlighted service quality and system flexibility with this award.”

“By engineering our integration systems and manufacturing pillow and flexi-wrap materials in Europe we can respond quickly to customer requirements, helping Antalis to meet and exceed its customers’ expectations. Like Antalis, we’re focused on delivering value for every customer – analysing return on investment to determine where efficiencies can be made – so we talk the same language and measure success by the same high standards.”

Such awards are not easily come by, as Automated Packaging Systems Europe managing director Peter Wylie acknowledges. “Our relationship with Antalis is bearing fruit after eight years of dedicated hard work. We’re by no means the biggest company to supply Antalis, which makes this award all the more special.

“As we celebrate having received this award it’s also an important moment to recognise the dedication and efforts of my colleagues throughout Europe. Our ability to deliver and maintain high-performance integrated and semi-integrated systems rests on the commitment of Jens, his team in Germany, and their colleagues here at the European HQ and manufacturing facility in England. Quality and high levels of consistency underpin this award and will help us to ensure packaging efficiency continues to rise for all our customers.”

AirPouch is just one part of Automated Packaging Systems, offering void-fill and protective packaging alternatives to loose chips, foam and paper with on-demand air pillows and bubble and tube quilt.

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