Sealed Air’s Response to COVID-19

Sealed Air’s Response to COVID-19

During the COVID-19 crisis, with supply chains under tremendous and unprecedented strain, Sealed Air continues to play a vital role in ensuring access to safe food, medicine, medical equipment and supplies, and other critical products. The company’s protective packaging enables these products to be transported quickly and safely to end users that need the items most. 

Precautionary Measures  

Sealed Air is closely monitoring the COVID-19 outbreak and is following the guidance and precautionary measures recommended by health authorities and local governments across the globe.  

Ensuring the safe and dependable production and transport of food, consumer goods, medicine and other necessary supplies is core to Sealed Air's purpose. We are in business to protect, and that remains our top priority.  

We have put significant business continuity plans and preventative measures in place to protect our people, our operations, and our customers from adverse impacts. These measures include: 

  • Leveraging our global manufacturing and supplier network to transfer necessary raw materials and finished goods from other manufacturing sites to the areas where they are needed most. 
  • Sharing Sealed Air’s health and hygiene guidelines with all global suppliers to ensure product safety. 
  • Selectively and strategically increasing our inventory levels to address surge demand for critical products. 
  • Enacting precautionary measures to protect our employees including: 
    • Heightened hygiene standards in all facilities and enhanced daily cleaning processes 
    • Travel restrictions for all employees, but especially in affected countries  
    • Visitor access restrictions at all sites 
    • Increased virtual and remote work arrangements where possible 

Safety of Sealed Air Products 

Sealed Air remains committed to producing and delivering protective packaging products that exceed industry standards for quality and safety. We will continue to follow rigorous precautionary measures as recommended by health officials and local governments to protect our employees, operations, and customers.

We understand the concerns that some may have about COVID-19 surface transmission during this crisis. The Centers for Disease Control and World Health Organization report a low risk of COVID-19 spreading from products or packaging materials that are shipped over a period of days or weeks at ambient temperatures. Additionally, the World Health Organization states the likelihood of an infected person contaminating commercial goods is low and the Centers for Disease Control asserts there is no evidence to support the transmission of COVID-19 associated with imported goods.  

Our Business is Essential

Sealed Air provides packaging solutions to more than 120 countries. Many of our customers are the producers and retailers directly responsible for supplying food, medicine, medical equipment and supplies, and other critical items global citizens depend on daily for their health and survival. The majority of local and national governments and authorities have deemed these industries, including Sealed Air's global packaging operations, to be a critical part of the infrastructure that is supporting society during the COVID-19 crisis.

Message from Sealed Air CEO to Employees

 Sealed Air’s commitment to employees, customers and our purpose during COVID-19

Our Operations and Customer Service 

Sealed Air is committed to its purpose and to preparedness, and we will continue to take all necessary precautions to protect our people as well as the customers and communities we serve.  

Where possible and not impacted by government measures on COVID-19 containment, Sealed Air’s manufacturing plants are continuing to operate and generally maintain normal lead times to support customers.  At this time, the company’s inbound receiving and outbound shipping operations are unimpacted. 

Our customer support teams remain operational and ready to respond to customer inquiries and to help ensure that your operations can continue with minimal disruption.  

Contacting Us and Support 

Please contact your Sealed Air representative if you have any concerns and to make us aware of any significant impact in your business that may result in unexpected demand.  

If you require on-site technical support but cannot allow visitors onto your sites, we will use applicable technology to provide remote service. 

If this is a media inquiry, please contact: 

Pam Davis 
Director, Media Relations & Editorial Strategy 

Regional Media Contacts 

Roberta Buzio 
Director, Communications, EMEA 
+39 331 6676814 

Lynn Chan 
Director, Communications, Asia Pacific 
+65 9644 7865 

For Investors, please contact:  

Lori Chaitman 
VP, Investor Relations 
Sealed Air Corporation 
301 Mayhill Street 
Saddle Brook, NJ 07663 

If you have a general inquiries or questions, please submit them here.  


If I am visiting a Sealed Air site, what will the protocol be? 

To complement local safety and security measures, most Sealed Air locations are now limiting non-essential visitors. The protocol is: 

  • All visitors (Sealed Air employees or third parties) will be asked if they have visited in the last two weeks certain key affected areas/locations that have been quarantined or identified by governmental and health authorities due to the COVID-2019 outbreak. Access will be denied in the event they have been travelling to such areas. 
  • Visitors will need to self-certify. Their declaration will be collected at the site entry point. 
  • All truck drivers will be required to wear masks and gloves, and, where possible to stay inside their trucks. 
  • In APAC and EMEA only - Visitors shall perform a temperature check when entering the site. 

Is Sealed Air working with suppliers and manufacturing partners to address supply disruption?  

We expect minimal disruption to our operations as business continuity plans and contingency measures are in place to minimize any potential impact on production schedules and product deliveries. Just as Sealed Air requires highly rigorous standards of health and safety practices in all our facilities, we expect our partners to maintain similarly rigorous standards of health and safety in their own operations and in line with stringent requirements by health and government authorities. We have shared Sealed Air’s health and hygiene guidelines on managing the coronavirus situation with all our suppliers. Customers can be assured that Sealed Air’s global operations are fully committed to meeting orders and delivering products on time.  

What are the near and long-term risks to Sealed Air’s business?  

Sealed Air is taking timely and prudent actions to mitigate the risks arising from the coronavirus outbreak, from instituting precautionary measures to protect its people and operations, to activating business continuity plans to support its customers. Our business continuity teams across the world are working closely together on a daily basis to manage the situation. While we can't speculate on future events, we're monitoring the situation very closely and taking preemptive actions to ensure that our business stays on track to meeting customer obligations and business targets.