Reducing environmental impact year-on-year

Reducing environmental impact year-on-year

It’s easy to talk-the-talk on green issues but much harder to walk-the-walk but that’s exactly what Automated Packaging Systems is doing though; a fact acknowledged by auditors recertifying the company’s ISO14001 Environmental Management Standard.

Alison Dockery, Automated Packaging Systems health, safety and environmental officer explains:

‘We first obtained the ISO14001 in 2004 and 10 years later we’re still setting and surpassing challenging objectives to maintain accreditation.

“We’re proud to work with a zero to landfill policy, meaning that all paper and cardboard material is bundled and recycled, and materials for reprocessing are either reused onsite or collected for use elsewhere.”

“Recertification's take place every 12 months and is no mean feat. All departments actively contribute to the drive to reduce our carbon footprint, and every change we make is assessed to ensure we take account of potential impact on our environment.

“It’s all about getting the detail right.  We make hundreds of minor changes which, taken together, enable us to fulfill our targets.  The small incremental gains really do make an enormous amount of difference.

“We’ve made headlines with our GeoTech® environmental films this year, but we don’t just want to be known for our greener products.  It matters to everyone here that we operate a business that is playing its own part in environmental change.”

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