New Wider Protective Packaging Quilt Reduces Product return

New 600mm wide bubble and quilt material from AirPouch

New Wider Protective Packaging Quilt Reduces Product return

Packaging larger fragile items safely and securely is now quicker and easier thanks to NEW 600mm wide bubble and quilt material from AirPouch®.

Colin Gunnel, AirPouch sales manager explains: “Damage to goods in transit costs businesses dearly, in replacements, cost of customer returns, and crucially, in terms of reputational damage. Cushioning and protective bubble and tube wraps are the answer, but the problem is less easily resolved for shippers of larger fragile items. That’s why we’ve developed an extra-wide version of our ultra-reliable AirPouch FastWrap™ material.

“It not only offers greater protection – reducing the risk of overlaps and unprotected areas – but also speeds up packing, reduces waste and eliminates the need for taped seams.”

AirPouch FastWrap produces inflated quilt at up to 19 metres per minute, helping speed up wrapping, interleaving and other protective packaging operations. Air bubbles can be inflated; the patent pending honeycomb design allows for easy multi directional wrapping. The system also boasts knife-less technology, reducing the need for routine maintenance and speeding up production.

“AirPouch customers can use the new width on their existing FastWrap systems after minor modifications. And, as we’ve come to expect from Automated Packaging Systems, the system is easy to set-up, simple to operate, and capable of increasing productivity even for the most challenging applications,” adds Mr Gunnel.

FastWrap is made from 35 micron LDPE film with options including anti-static and HD barrier – ideal for heavy duty use - and is available in GeoTech, the company’s environmentally sustainable family of reprocessed and oxobiodegradeable films.

“It’s our 30th year of manufacturing in the UK,” adds Mr Gunnel. “By continuing to develop new and exciting products, we are delivering void-fill and protective packaging solutions for an increasingly wide range of applications.”

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