New Multi-User Hopper Set to Increase Productivity

New Multi-User Hopper Set to Increase Productivity

Packaging operations with multiple lines will now be able to further increase productivity with a new multi-user, overhead hopper system from Automated Packaging Systems.

Designed to work with the reliable AirPouch® Express 3 system, air pillows are fan assisted into an overhead hopper with a volume of 0.65m3.

The hopper system features multiple outlets, making pillows available to up to three operators on a packing bench, reducing space requirements and increasing productivity.

“We are very pleased to be adding another productivity-increasing solution to our AirPouch range,” explains Stuart Fish, AirPouch sales executive.

“Any downtime, even for quick refills, takes staff away from their primary activity and affects the bottom line. We understand that and have made it a focus of our new product strategy– minimising the amount of time packers spend interacting with our system.”

A sensor monitors the number of pillows held within the system, and triggers an automatic top-up. The system will restart and produce up to 15 metres of void fill packaging a minute until the hopper reaches capacity.

Automated Packaging Systems is currently celebrating 30 years of manufacturing in the UK and is continuing to offer an extensive range of reliable packaging systems. The company’s Total Systems Approach to packaging ensures demands are met with bespoke solutions.

“We don’t believe in ‘one size fits all’ when it comes to hopper capacity. The scale of the hopper depends on the demands of the packing zone. Our team of specialists work closely with clients to assess their packaging requirements and create a tailor-made solution,” says Mr Fish.

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