Discover shipping solutions at Packaging Innovations

CE Autobag AB 180 Bagging Machine

Discover shipping solutions at Packaging Innovations

Visitors to Packaging Innovations 2015 are invited to get hands on with Automated Packaging Systems latest shipping solutions on stand E6.

“Whether businesses are looking to improve product protection or to keep up with demanding delivery targets, our team of specialists will be on hand to help,” says Nasreen Akhter. “We will be demonstrating a range of reliable Autobag® systems including the compact desktop bagger and the AB 180 that can pack up to 80 bags per minute.”

“Visitors will also see our AirPouch protective packaging range that offers a more environmentally-friendly and cleaner alternative to loose fill chips and paper.”

For more information please visit stand E6 at Packaging Innovations, call 0800 763 3643 or visit

In detail…

Autobag® AB 180
Autobag AB 180 offers a cost-effective packaging solution capable of bagging at speeds of up to 80 bags per minute using bags that are up to 275mm wide and 550mm long. Bag changeovers are quick and easy allowing short runs of multiple product lines. Modular components ensure minimal downtime and easy maintenance. Operators can quickly recall and set-up jobs using the interactive AutoTouch™ control screen and high capacity memory makes multiple job storage easy.
PS 125 OneStep
Autobag PS 125 OneStep is the next step up from hand bagging, bringing speed and quality to hand load applications. It is ideal for low to mid-volume packaging operations due to its compact design and ‘plug-and-play’ operating system. Bags are presented, loaded by hand, then sealed using the Push-to-Seal function, a footswitch or via automatic cycle control. A built in printer is capable of printing graphics, text and barcodes directly on the bag, eliminating the need for separate labels.
AirPouch® Express 3
AirPouch Express 3 is a compact system designed to produce on-demand void fill air pillows at speeds of more than 15 metres per minute. Over a mile of material is fed into the system from a high yield box, cutting the number of changeovers and reducing storage and lifting. EZ-Tear perforations make separating pillows quicker and easier for packers. Air pillows are a cost-effective alternative to loose fill chips and can be manufactured from GeoTech® film for more environmentally sustainable void fill. 
FastWrap is the industry’s most versatile and user-friendly on-demand protective packaging system. Ideal for wrapping, interleaving and block-and-brace applications, the air-filled bubbles and tubes secure and cushion goods in transit, reducing damages and returns. FastWrap’s superior sealing system ensures excellent air retention and knifeless technology eliminates the primary wear item found on other machines in its class. Capable of producing 1 metre of material every 3 seconds, the system can meet demanding packing requirements.


About Automated Packaging Systems
Automated Packaging Systems, Inc., headquartered in Streetsboro, Ohio, has been a world leader in designing and manufacturing printed flexible bag packaging systems for 50 years, and is the original inventor of Autobag® bagging machines and pre-opened bags. The company has over 30,000 packaging systems in operation worldwide. Automated Packaging Systems’ European Head Office and manufacturing facility is located in Malvern, UK, and the company satisfies European customer requirements through business units strategically located in Belgium, France and Germany and via a comprehensive European network of distributors and agents.