Automated Packaging Systems launches a sustainability resource for new and existing customers

Automated Packaging Systems launches a sustainability resource for new and existing customers

Automated Packaging Systems has launched an online sustainability resource, highlighting its commitment to making its processes more environmentally friendly, including helping customers to become more environmentally aware.

The resource features three key areas:

  • Information on the actions Automated Packaging Systems is taking to ensure its products have minimal impact on the environment
  • Key sustainable considerations for customers when choosing packaging processes and materials to help grow environmental awareness
  • A dedicated section aimed at consumers, providing information on how to be more environmentally conscious and contribute to a more sustainable future.

 Visitors to the hub can access useful information such as the benefits of using plastic packaging, recycling labelling and signage, and learn more about the current eco-friendly products in Automated Packaging Systems’ range. 

Andy Pretious, UK Sales and Marketing Manager for Automated Packaging Systems, comments: “As PPMA is the largest packaging event in the UK, it presented us with the perfect opportunity to engage with new and existing customers on how we can all work together towards a more sustainable future. 

“Plastic is still integral to the plans of many big businesses and it’s difficult to disregard as it’s a high-quality, durable packaging option. There are lots of environmentally-friendly options available that make plastic a viable packaging option, such as our GeoTech® range which is manufactured using up to 95% pre-consumer recycled content.

“As a company, we are dedicated to driving sustainable change, reducing plastic waste and educating customers and the wider public on the actions they can take to work towards a more environmentally-friendly future. Our latest figures have shown an impressive reduction in the amount of waste we have produced over the past few years. This has been a direct result of changing our manufacturing processes to reduce waste and the team proactively implementing various recycling processes throughout the business.”

For more information, visit Automated Packaging Systems’ new sustainability resource here: