Bag packaging solutions

Bag Packaging for Electronics

Whether you’re manufacturing electrical components or finished electronic goods, our wide range of packaging solutions offers the reliability and flexibility you need to keep up with growing demand. 

A few of the electronic products our customers are packaging today include:

  • Computer hardware and accessories 
  • Industrial electronic components 
  • Electronic devices and accessories 
  • DIY electrical 
  • Spare parts and kits

Bagging Machines

Flexible, reliable systems for low to high volume packaging

Our high productivity equipment is engineered for seamless integration into your existing operation, increasing capacity with fewer operators.  

We’ve designed a range of features to increase productivity and simplify automation such as

  • Easy to operate with intuitive touch screen controls
  • Job storage and recall for fast product changeover
  • Inline printers that eliminate the need for separate labeling
  • Small footprint to free-up valuable production space
  • Optional product counting, weighing and conveying

Bag Material

High-quality film that meets the needs of the electronics industry

High strength bags are available in a wide range of materials offering durability, static protection and performance characteristics required for certain electronic products. Our vast line of bag material includes: 

  • Static dissipative film
  • Metal shielding film
  • UV protection
  • Anti-corrosion film

See our full line of Films by Type for all our available materials or Contact Us for more information. 

Bag Features

Cost effective, custom bags

Our pre-formed bags are custom made within your brand guidelines and can accommodate any electronics application. 

  • Bag sizes from 50 x 75 mm to 550 x 900 mm*
  • Printed bags in up to 8-colours for maximum shelf appeal
  • Features such as reclosable zippers, hanger holes and easy to open perforations
  • Large inventory of Stock Bags for easy ordering and fast delivery


Customer service representativesWe believe in providing our customers with world-class service and support so they can achieve and maintain peak packaging performance. We partner with you to solve your packaging problems and keep up with changing demands. Our factory-trained and direct support services include:

  • Technical Phone Support
  • Field Service Engineers 
  • Customer Maintenance Training 
  • Preventive Maintenance 
  • Graphics and Art Service 
  • Applications Service

Solutions Finder

See which bagging equipment is right for your application with our convenient Solutions Finder.

Using Autobag equipment and system-matched bags-on-a-roll meant less material scrap, reduction in resources, improved productivity and reduced processing time. ~ M.H., Continuous Improvements Manager

Contract Packaging 3.0
Case Study

Contract Packaging 3.0

The amount of typical co-packing offered is almost negligible. In most cases it is actually limited to the usual manual or semi-automatic packaging. ESTB GmbH offers a complex service instead of classical contract packaging. The company uses efficient semiautomatic packaging systems to implement flexible packaging processes.

The Iserlohn-based ESTB GmbH was founded a decade ago as a pure contract packager. Back then, simple packaging and installation assignments were the bread and butter of their day-to-day business. Read More...

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