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Bubble wrap vs FastWrap: Comparing the cost, convenience and efficacy of protective packaging

AirPouch GeoTech FastWrap Bubbles-on-Demand

Bubble quilt is a great packaging material for fragile and heavy goods, and for packing multiple items securely in a single outer carton.  It consistently rates highly in consumer testing because it’s clean, reusable and easy to dispose of.

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Top 10 considerations when choosing your packaging

Automated Packaging Systems Mail Bag showing 8 colour printing capabilities

Packaging is often the first chance for you to make an impression. With online sales increasing, customers want goods to arrive on time and in perfect condition. Therefore, the choice of your packaging material could be the difference...

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New Warehouse Heralds the Major Growth of AirPouch®

Automated Packaging Systems UK new AirPouch storage facility

An increase in demand for AirPouch® protective packaging and void-fill products has led to the latest investment in a new warehouse space.

Automated Packaging Systems started in Ledbury in 1984 before moving to Enigma Business Park, Malvern in 1997. After bringing all manufacturing processes in house at the facility, the company invested in a £2 million expansion in 2012 to keep up with demand and increase manufacturing space by 25,000 square foot.

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Honeycomb design boosts product protection

AirPouch FastWrap Honeycomb Design with EZ-Tear

Automated Packaging Systems is increasing productivity and reliability in the void-fill market with its patent-pending honeycomb design AirPouch® FastWrap™.

An alternative to traditional round bubbles, the channel filled honeycomb design offers flexible multi-directional wrapping for tough packaging applications.

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