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New Series Baggers: How are they different?

Autobag 500 Series Bagging Systems' AutoTouch Control Screen

Autobag 500 series takes automated bagging to a new level. Our flagship AB180 bag packaging system has been a mainstay for customers for nearly 20 years, but here at Automated Packaging Systems we believe there is always room for improvement.

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Planning for Peak Trading

Mail order fulfillment bags showing our printing capabilities

With just under 20 weeks until the Black Friday shopping bonanza, it is time to review 2015 processes and manage the challenges of Blue Monday. 

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New food bagger boosts bakery’s productivity

Morris Quality Bakers hamburger buns packaged with Automated Packaging Systems FAS Sprint Revolution bagging System

Morris Quality Bakers is North West England’s finest bakery, delivering morning goods, breads and specialities such as Eccles cakes and confectionaries from its bakery in Coppull near Chorley, Lancashire, to customers as far a field as Cumbria in the north and Staffordshire in the south. It handles more than 12,000 orders a week from small sandwich businesses to local authorities and supermarkets. Now, thanks to investment in two FAS SPrint Revolution bagging systems, it’s expanded its product range, improved packing efficiency, increased capacity and enabled customers to reduce food waste.

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