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We caught up with Automated Packaging Systems’ President and CEO Cliff to find out why he believes there’s never been a better time to invest in the future.

Automated Packaging Systems has invested heavily in manufacturing worldwide over the past decade, to keep pace with current demand and planned growth. Much of this growth has been as a result of new business lines for food, including Stand-up Pouch, and mail order packaging for ecommerce businesses.

Streetsboro Production Facility Offices


We acquired a 175,000 sq. ft. factory in the USA and have invested in new multi-layer extrusion lines, 10 colour printing presses, lamination, and pouch converting machines to provide the capacity and the capabilities required to meet market needs. In addition, we are upgrading older assets to improve process control and production throughput efficiency.

Photo of UK Manufacturing Facility


We’ve installed FastWrap manufacturing facilities at our UK operation in Worcestershire, England, to increase efficiency and service. Our UK and European sales teams have done an excellent job of developing the market for our AirPouch® void-fill pillows and FastWrap product lines. We have long had plastics converting assets in the UK producing pillows, but have exported bubble quilt from US plants until now. I’m delighted that sales volume has reached a level to justify constructing an asset in the UK.

The planning, building, and installation of this asset took almost two years. Several design changes have had to be made to meet CE and PURE Regulations for UK production.

Photos of the German Sales and Service Offices


Our German sales and service teams relocated to their new facility and I had the honour of attending our grand opening celebration. It was quite a festive evening and it was well attended by Automated Packaging Systems staff, as well as distribution partners from Germany and Eastern Europe.

The German building is a modern environment where we are happy to work and proud to invite customers and business partners. This property, along with the recent acquisition of a new warehouse in Malvern, represents a substantial investment by APS. We are very confident in our future growth in these markets. We have a great company, great products, and we have strong belief in our leadership and team members in these locations.

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