How plastic packaging can be good for both the environment and a company’s bottom line

Light bulb on grass lit upEnvironmental impact is a key concern for companies with regards to their social responsibility as well as their accreditations, and is a hot topic particularly for those who require packaging within their business or as part of their order fulfilment.

Many logistics managers or buyers will dread selecting a packaging solution, and with so many options it can be daunting.

Businesses have a myriad of pressures regarding environmental issues. With the pressure of adhering to UK regulations, managing their carbon footprint and maintaining a comprehensive CSR policy, many companies have steered away from plastic, which they perceive to be more environmentally unfriendly and with a higher carbon footprint.

Automated Packaging Systems highlights the three main considerations for those selecting a packaging system below:

Key considerations:

1. MaterialGeoTech AirPillows by AirPouch
Often plastic is presumed to be the least environmentally friendly, but research from the University of Oregon showed that it actually had a lower carbon footprint than cotton or paper bags due to the minimal waste produced in the petrochemical process.


2. Performance
Businesses perhaps view reprocessed material as sub-standard, however this is certainly not the case. In addition, over-specifying – such as a high gauge, virgin plastic for a low value commodity item – is a waste of both product and cost for businesses who need to ensure that whilst the solution is fit-for-purpose, it is not wasteful.


AirPouch Overhead Hopper System3. Cost
A change in packaging can reduce cost for a business in several ways. The packaging solution itself can be a more cost-effective solution, but businesses can benefit in several ways. Potentially less material will be needed for the same job – such as fewer air pillows compared to paper void fill. Storage and shipping costs can also be reduced by selecting a lighter weight and more compact solution.

Automated Packaging Systems’ customer Cengage found that the benefits of moving to GeoTech air pillows included a 46% reduction on packaging material costs, and a 5-10% reduction in international shipping costs as the plastic air pillows are lighter than the original paper packing.

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