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At Automated Packaging Systems, long service portraits are displayed with pride in every hallway. In fact, a staggering one-in-four colleagues at Automated Packaging Systems have been with the company for 25 years or more but bringing in fresh new talent, with new ideas, skills and experience, is important too.

We caught up with two of the latest recruits to the Automated Packaging Systems commercial team.

Lee Williams, Area Sales Manager for the West Midlands

Lee Williams, Area Sales Manager for the West Midlands

Congratulations Lee. How long have you been in the job?
It’s my first week in the field; I make my first independent customer calls tomorrow and I’m really looking forward to it. But while the job’s new, my Autobag know-how runs deep, I’ve been here nearly 18 years! I joined as a press assistant and worked my way up through the bag printing operation.

What made you decide on a career change?
When I heard that one of our sales team was emigrating, I saw my chance. Jobs like this don’t come up very often here; it’s a great place to work so people tend to come and stay, so I had to make the most of the opportunity.

It’s a big change from print shop to area sales manager. Did you have a hard job convincing them you were the right man for the job?
I had great support from the start; Andy was really encouraging. He really put me through my paces – a three-stage interview process against internal and external candidates, and a formal presentation.

What’s impressed you most about the systems so far?
I know how good these systems are – I’ve been working with themand with many very happy customers for 18 years. I’m proud of the service we offer, and of the reliability and value for money our systems represent. Now I get to spend my time with customers – new and established – making sure they get exactly the right system to meet their bagging needs. I’ve been able to stay working for a great company that’s invested in my future, and now I have a new and exciting challenge ahead.


Mark Campbell, Area Sales Manager for the South West

Mark Campbell, Area Sales Manager for the South West

Welcome Mark. Have you enjoyed your first few weeks on board?
Thanks, yes, I’m an engineer at heart so it’s great to be in the field working with a superb product in such a wide range of applications. My new role is as Area Sales Manager for the South West, and I’m focussed on Autobag. I’ve got customers using the systems to bag everything from medical supplies to hardware, and automotive parts to engineered components and kits, so there’s lots to learn.

Has your career to date focussed on sales?
Yes, but not exclusively. I qualified as a Chartered Engineer specialising in mechanical engineering, and spent a short time in project management. I was the man responsible for keeping Jammie Dodgers and Wagon Wheels flowing out of Burtons Biscuits for a while. I’ve also spent some time supply teaching, building on what I learned as a training manager early in my technical sales career. That was time well spent, and although I’m glad to be back in sales, I really value the communications and planning skills I learned in education.

What made you choose to join Automated Packaging Systems?
I worked for a similar sized organisation many years ago, so I know first-hand the benefits of being part of a team that’s big enough to be secure and structured, yet small enough to be nimble and responsive. It’s important to me to have a technical product that I can really understand so I can make a difference.

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