Next day deliver remains the favoured option for UK online shoppers

Mailbags showing our printing and labeling capabilitiesInternet Retailing’s ‘must read’ article looks at what consumers want when it comes to mail order delivery and begs the question ‘why don’t 1 in 5 retailers offer what customers want?’… next day delivery.   The packing step shouldn’t be holding mail order fulfilment operations back, now that new flexible integrated systems are available.

Darryl Adie, managing director of Ampersand – the company responsible for the research, makes another interesting point too.  Retailers such as Amazon and Argos — who now basically own their own logistics networks — can offer customers same day, same morning, 2-hour home or office delivery. He’s right, other retailers have a lot to compete with, but they can still build great businesses based on top quality consumer service.

Our latest flexible bagging solutions make it possible to pack faster and much more efficiently, switching between bag sizes in moments and printing labels and delivery documentation in-line.  We’re seeing operations invest in the packing step and then redeploy labour into picking and dispatch.  That way they can offer market-leading service including next day delivery, and capture market share as a result.   We’re also helping them reduce the cost of fulfilment through productivity improvements, helping balance cost of operation with what consumers are willing to pay for great service. We agree with Darryl Adie, it’s not only about next day delivery.  Making sure your deliveries are consistent and your delivery prices affordable is a good start.   

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