Top 10 considerations when choosing your packaging

Packaging is often the first chance for you to make an impression. With online sales increasing, customers want goods to arrive on time and in perfect condition. Therefore, the choice of your packaging material could be the difference between a long lasting customer relationship or a bad reputation. There are many different options to help build your brand through your packaging, here are some of the things you should consider before making your choice:


Automated Packaging Systems Anti-Static Bags for Electronics1. Explore material options

Tailor your packaging material to suit your product type. For example if you’re packing electric goods, choose ESD material to protect the product from damage.

Automated Packaging Systems AirPouch Oxo-degradable and reprocessed protective packaging materials

2. Think Green

Improve your environmental credentials by considering an eco-friendly material to protect your products. Oxo-degradable and reprocessed materials offer the same high level of protection as alternative polyethylene materials. 

Styrofoam popcorn3. Improve customer satisfaction

Polychips can be messy and paper takes up a lot of space in the bin so not only do you need to make sure the packaging protects your products but also consider how it will be disposed of.

Mailbag showing our 8-colour printing capabilities4. Stand out from competitors

Online shopping means global competition so whether your packaging has your logo or a full coverage design, make it stand out. And with 8-colour print on offer, the possibilities are endless.

Mailbag showing our tamper proof perforation capabilities5. Boost product security

For high value items and products that require zero interference, you need to take steps to prevent goods being stolen or tampered with. Tamper evident perforations can help with this and protect your products for customers. 

Food bag showing our inline printing capabilities to help make sure your labels meet government standards6. Labelling: the law

You don’t have to show specific information for every product but you must follow strict rules for precious metals, footwear, food and drink, and products for children. In-line printing can make this process more efficient and reduce the need for multiple packaging designs.

Reduce Waste with our Zip-lock options on our SidePouch bags7. Reduce waste

If packing food, re-closable zippers can help in the battle to reduce food waste. Zip-lock bags allow products to be kept fresh overnight so consumers can use them at a later date, reducing waste and helping them cut costs.

Bags showing our customized packaging design capabilities

8. Use it to your advantage

Customise your packaging design for seasonal items or for short-term promotions to boost sales. Use your packaging wisely to promote your services and current product offers.

Box showing our AirPouch EZ-Tear AirPillows which have been tested for dependability

9. Focus on reputation

Goods damaged in transit costs businesses dearly in replacements, and crucially, in terms of reputational damage, which is not so easy to replace. Choose packaging that has been tested with your products and within your processes.

Team of workers in a meeting10. We’ll do the rest

Packaging might be a small part of your business but it’s a big part of ours. For help customising your packaging, speak to our design team or send your PDF artwork and we’ll tailor your packaging to your desired requirements.

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