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GeoTech AirPouch Reprocessed PillowsGreener, stronger, more recognisable. Advances in GeoTech® technology set new standards.

The wider packaging industry hasn’t always been noted for its environmental sustainability. But in common with many sustainably minded companies, Automated Packaging Systems challenges itself to improve its environmental performance, and that of its customers, year-on-year. Latest advances in GeoTech technology, for example, mean that the new generation of GeoTech AirPouch® pillows have more reprocessed content than ever before. In fact, 95% of the material in every GeoTech AirPouch pillow is now reprocessed, cutting waste, saving energy and reducing demand for virgin raw materials.

The Automated Packaging Systems new product development team has delivered a range of pillows that aren’t just greener, they’re stronger too. Independent tests prove the pillows withstand loads of up to 80kg, as European Product Manager Steve Dougan explains.

GeoTech AirPouch Pillows made of 95%25 reprocessed materialsWe were always confident GeoTech offered unbeatable performance, but with industry standard testing designed to evaluate the film and not the finished pouches, we needed to commission a different type of testing. Now we have a protocol that’s been independently designed to challenge our pillows in a way that really reflects their ability to protect goods in transit.

GeoTech is made from fully recyclable material that is accepted by the majority of local authority collection services, making it easy for consumers to dispose of them in an environmentally friendly way.

“GeoTech has never been greener, or stronger. The dark green pillows are becoming increasingly well recognised by consumers too, seen as a symbol of environmental commitment that’s helping build brand value for customers across the world.”

Environmental sustainability is vitally important, but financial sustainability can’t be ignored either. With GeoTech, being greener no longer comes at a high price. In fact, GeoTech per-pack costs compare favourably with those of virgin packaging materials. For more details, and to find out how you can improve your green packing credentials, call the AirPouch team on 0800 763 3643 or visit our Protective Packaging page.

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