New Series Baggers: How are they different?

Autobag 500 series takes automated bagging to a new level

Autobag 500 AutoTouch Control ScreenOur flagship AB 180 standard and OneStep bag packaging systems have been a mainstay for customers for nearly 20 years, but here at Automated Packaging Systems we believe there is always room for improvement. 

And with the new Autobag 500 series we have taken automated bagging to a new level - with significant improvements to speed, efficiency, safety, reliability and usability. 

We began taking orders for the new machines earlier this year and feedback from customers has been overwhelmingly positive. 

It’s easy to see why, with features including a new Android-based AutoTouch control screen, the option of palm or foot operated bag closure, smaller overall machine footprint and networking capability. The latter gives you access to detailed productivity information.

You’ll also notice we’ve made it easier to replace bag reels with an improved multi-position unwind control. Bag waste is minimised, which is a hallmark of the Autobag system.

Autobag 500 Beauty ShotThe fully-integrated label printer, pictured here in the 550 version, eliminates the need for paper labels and the time taken to apply them. It can also print “next bag out” which is perfect for short batch runs or sequential labelling.

We’ve developed a new advanced operator safety mechanism which replaces the AB180’s ‘light curtain’ system. The new improved ergonomic front end of the machine eliminates the need for the old style light curtains, allowing systems to achieve higher throughput rates without compromising safety.

The Autobag 500 series offers huge flexibility in bag size - from bags as small as a tea bag to as big as a pillowcase. An innovative, adjustable pass-through automatically opens bags much wider than traditional systems. 

The advanced yet simpler design of the Autobag 500 series also features fewer moving parts, which means less machine downtime and reduced lifetime cost.


Autobag 500 Series Highlights Infographic

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