Warehouse planning: easiest way to increase productivity

Warehouse Planning increases productivity, reduces cost with the AirPouch Multi-user, overhead hopperWarehouse managers are consistently under pressure to improve the company’s bottom line, reduce costs, or better still increase productivity and efficiency and lower cost at the same time. Here’s a simple way to increase productivity while reducing space requirements and therefore costs.

Multi-user, overhead hopper
An innovative set-up, which automatically produces and transports air pillows, maximising production with minimal operator input.

How does it work?

  • AirPouch Express 3 produces air pillows at speeds of up to 15 metres per minute.
  • Air pillows are fan assisted into an overhead hopper with a volume of 0.65m3.
  • At the heart of the system is a sensor, which monitors the number of air pillows held within the hopper. 
  • The system will trigger an automatic top-up when a low-level threshold is reached and produce void fill packaging until the hopper reaches capacity.

How does it increase productivity?
An alternative would be to store air pillows into a holding hopper where packers would come and fill their trolleys. Even quick refills take staff away from their primary activity, which leads to downtime. 

The automatic re-fill feature minimises the amount of time packers spend interacting with the system, allowing them to increase productivity. 

The hopper system features multiple outlets, making pillows available to up to three operators on a packing bench, reducing space requirements and further improving the bottom line.

Is a multi-user, overhead hopper right for my warehouse?
Do you have multiple packing stations?
Are you looking to increase productivity?
Do you want to make your packing stations more compact?

If you answered yes to all of the questions then the AirPouch team of specialists can help. They are available to provide a no-cost consultation and work closely with you to assess your packaging requirements and create a tailor-made solution. 

For more information visit www.airpouch.co.uk or call 0800 731 3643.

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