How does reducing give away sound to you?

Automated Packaging Systems are working with Aja, the food weighing specialists, to bring a more  accurate bagging and weighing solution, which can typically reduce give away down to 0.5%, when operating to average weight.

This is how it works:

Infographic Step 1. Place food on mini weigh conveyors. Weigher decides if it meets requirements.


Infographic Step 2. The chosen weigh belts are activated and deliver food to central collation belt.


Infographic Step 3. Product is delivered directly into a bag.


Infographic Step 4. The process continues as fast as the operator can reload the weigh belts. Typical speeds of 22 packs per minute can be achieved with 1 or 2 operators.

The Selector Scale is compact, relatively portable and easily integrated with the FAS SPrint Revolution bagging machine into existing or new lines. This arrangement is ideal for food packers with irregular, fragile, difficult to handle and sticky products and those with multiple product lines.

Give our food specialist, Malcolm Vale, a call on 07966 018684 to find out how you can reduce giveaway.

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