Doing Our Bit for the Environment

Automated Packaging Systems is committed to ensuring our products have minimal impact on the environment - and this extends to the way we operate as a business.

Reduce Reuse RecycleWe have a dedicated team committed to driving improvements and is focused on reducing waste, limiting our carbon emissions and recycling more.

All aspects of the business are regularly put under the spotlight to see how we can do things better. Our approach is based on the three Rs — reduce, reuse, recycle.

Our latest figures on waste have shown an impressive reduction in the amount of waste we produce - down from nearly 50 tonnes in 2012 to just 23 tonnes last year.

Over the same period we have also managed to massively reduce the proportion of waste which we send to landfill. In 2012 almost all of our waste was disposed of in this way. Now, five years on, we are sending just 5% of the waste we produce to landfill.

Reducing the amount of waste we produce in the first place has been a direct result of changing both our manufacturing processes and our back office administrative functions. For example, by standardising the process for setting up conversion machines in our factory we have managed to limit the amount of waste material which is created.

We also looked at the extrusion process and by introducing three new width sizes, we’ve reduced the amount of virgin film which has to be trimmed off and scrapped during the process.

A big effort has also been made to make sure as much waste as possible is now recycled. At the last count (2016) we separated 11.9 tonnes of cardboard, 0.74 tonnes of paper and 4.46 tonnes of plastic. Instead of going to landfill this is now separated from the general waste, baled and sent off for recycling.

Waste clear and white plastic, leftover from production, is also now recycled onsite into pellets. These are used to make reprocessed material. Waste from printed bags is currently recycled off site but we are looking at bringing this in-house in the near future.

Staff have also been doing their bit to recycle ‘dry mixed’ across the business including everything from metal drink cans and plastic bottles to plastic vending machine cups and newspapers and magazines. We’ve installed recycling bins at strategic points around the business (kitchens, rest areas etc) and staff have stepped up to the plate and made sure waste goes into the right bins.

Our maintenance team has done its bit by putting in place machine improvements which have reduced the number of machine break downs and improved response times. Less machine downtime means we’ve reduced the amount of times we
have to set up the machines - which means less waste material is produced.

Taken together, these steps will help us to achieve our ambition to update our ISO 14001 accreditation. This has involved a rigorous overhaul of all our environmental procedures in the last few years and careful measurement and monitoring of our performance against a clear set of targets. We first obtained the ISO 14001 environmental standard in 2004 and are currently working towards ISO 14001: 2015. 


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