New Warehouse Heralds the Major Growth of AirPouch®

Automated Packaging Systems New Storage Facility An increase in demand for AirPouch® protective packaging and void-fill products has led to the latest investment in a new warehouse space.

Automated Packaging Systems started in Ledbury in 1984 before moving to Enigma Business Park, Malvern in 1997. After bringing all manufacturing processes in house at the facility, the company invested in a £2 million expansion in 2012 to keep up with demand and increase manufacturing space by 25,000 square foot.

Located just five minutes from the European headquarters, the new 18,000 square foot warehouse space has been in operation since the beginning of July.

Automated Packaging Systems Inside the New Warehouse

The main dispatch office has relocated to the new site and three new staff members have been appointed to work in the facility. “Having the dedicated storage facility will allow us to produce and despatch materials more quickly for customers, allowing us to keep up with product demand.

But we’ll also be using the office space within the facility to build a custom demonstration suite for our food bagging system - the FAS SPrint Revolution,” explains Managing Director Peter Wylie.

Automated Packaging Systems new storage warehouse

“Our AirPouch range is continuing to grow in terms of product range and popularity,” adds Mr Wylie. “As we’ve seen double digit growth, we wanted to ensure that our customers would still continue to get the highest level of service and to keep up with demand, we quickly realised we needed to expand.”

“The dedicated function of the new warehouse is to store and despatch finished goods that have been made at the factory in Malvern. Moving the storage to this site has allowed us to free up space in our existing premises that can be used to house new production machines.”

Automated Packaging Systems Expands into a New Storage Facilty

Before making the new warehouse operational, Automated Packaging Systems overhauled the interior electronics and storage units so that all services in the warehouse have the latest technology, including the installation of energy saving LED lighting.

The expansion of the warehouse is just one of the adjustments the company is making in order to continue to grow and nurture the AirPouch brand.

Redeploying staff from other areas of the business will help to ensure commitment to customer service continues to be the top priority.

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