January 2015

Protective packaging to protect your brand value

Over-wrapping vs. Damaged good title slide

If you’re serious about protecting the value of your brand, then first impressions count. Shoppers don’t get the same experience on-line so a customer’s first impression of a brand is determined by the packaging. 

Here’s a presentation of how to improve your customer’s shopping experience while reducing damage to goods in transit.

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Redefining our view of plastic

AirPouch GeoTech AirPillows

Consumers could be forgiven for being confused and even skeptical about the plastics industry and the speed with which it’s embraced the concept of ‘environmentally friendly materials’.  After all, the factors which define a substance’s impact on our planet are far from straight forward.

All plastics have their advantages and disadvantages, in terms of both performance and environmental impact.  The near-universal advantages relate to functionality and weight - vast majority of plastics are superb, long lasting and 

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