Case Study – Neutrik

Nuetrik packaged product using the Autobag AB 180 baggerThe world’s leading supplier of professional entertainment connectors, Neutrik®, relies on Autobag AB 180s.


Neutrik director Chris Arnold explains: “We dispatch around a quarter of a million connectors from 50+ product lines every week, in a bulk dispatch on Thursdays. Many of the parts look very similar. Ensuring there are no mix-ups, and that every finished connector or pre-assembly kit is complete and correctly identified, is critical. Our reputation is built on the quality of our products and service.”


“Some 50,000 of the quarter of a million connectors that leave here each week do so in Autobag bags, clearly identified, branded and ready to be tracked.

Nuetrik part in a bag from Automated Packaging Systems“The AB 180™ is very flexible. For example, we’ve added a barcode scanner to the system. All our production orders carry a barcode which, when scanned, automatically sets up the machine to print the correct traceability data, quality marks, instructions and branding on the bag. It’s faster and more efficient, and most importantly, virtually eliminates the potential for human error. That’s crucial when the team is handling so many similar-looking products.

“We use the AB 180s in semi-automatic mode, filling the bags by hand and using the automatic open, close, seal and separate functions. We tend to pack between 400 and a thousand of each product line at a time, so the team is switching product lines and bags on a very regular basis.”


Neutrik has complete cost transparency across its business. Its records show that the AB 180 packs 1000 single connector packs in 114 minutes; 6.84 seconds per item, including set-up.

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