Meet the team - Steve Dougan

Steve Dougan of Automated Packaging Systems UK

Steve Dougan has recently been appointed as European product manager at Automated Packaging Systems, helping to drive development of Autobag, AirPouch and SidePouch systems in Europe.

When did you start at Automated Packaging Systems?
I joined the company in April this year and I already feel part of the team. It’s very much a family atmosphere here, everyone looks out for one another and there is a real sense of determination to innovate and maintain the company’s reputation.
What did you do before you joined Automated Packaging Systems?
After graduating from Kingston University with a degree in engineering, I started my career in product management at Olympus. But more recently, I have been working in product management for Lafarge, manufacturers of plaster board, working in markets in the UK and Europe. My knowledge from university had really helped me to understand the manufacturing industry.

What does your new role include?
As the European product manager I’m responsible for new product development and brand management across the continent.  It's a role, which has, until now, been wholly based in North America. My main aim is to identify opportunities in Europe and assist in bringing new products through development and into production more efficiently for our customers.
What is the future of Automated Packaging Systems do you think?
We are very well established in the European market and we are continuing to understand what the customers really need to help increase their efficiency and productivity. I’m really looking forward to ensuring future investment reflects a very clear understanding of the current and future needs of our European customer base. We are working on developing new products and updating existing products all the time, so I’m pleased to have joined the business at a time when there is so much going on.

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