Our Commitment to high quality bags and stand up pouches

Custom designed plastic bagsPackaging is a critical component of the overall shelf-appeal and life-cycle of products. It protects the product from damage and allows consumers to differentiate one brand from another. 

We offer a wide variety of polythene film types and our in-house extrusion, printing and conversion capabilities ensure the highest standards for quality are achieved.  

Our UK printing facilities offer edge-to-edge bleed printed bags as well as clear, tinted, opaque or a combination of clear and printed bags. Special features such as air relief holes, easy-open perforations and reclosable zippers are also available. .

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Choosing the right type of material

With customers located around the globe in nearly every industry, we know which films work best for each unique application. We are continuously testing new formulations and using the latest in polymer technology to develop plastic films that meet the evolving needs of our customers. We offer a wide variety of film types including standard polyethylene, high clarity, anti-static, opaque mailbags and environmentally responsible options.

Our GeoTech® line of reprocessed films are favoured for their reduced environmental impact without compromising on material performance. 

Please visit Types of material for the full range of films available or contact customer service for additional assistance. 

Standard Bags, Custom Printed Bags & Special Features

Autobag bags on a roll

Standard Bags

Automated Packaging Systems maintains standard items for a wide range of bag applications. Many of our standard products are available for delivery within 48 hours. See a complete list of Standard Bags. 

Custom Printing Bags
Automated Packaging Systems offers printing in up to 8-colours, including Pantone®-matched and metallic inks. Our in-house graphics department works closely with you to ensure precise print registration, colour matching and uniformity are achieved.  Our capabilities include line, screen and process printing on one or both sides of the bag. Edge-to-edge bleeds, tinted, opaque and combination bags are also available.  

Special Features
SidePouch Stand-up Pouch bags

A variety of special features are available to improve your packaging design and product security, including reclosable zippers, handles, hanger holes, ventilation holes, compartments and easy-open perforations.

For more information about designing your packaging, please contact customer service for more information.

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