Films by Type

Films by Type

Automated Packaging Systems manufactures polyethylene bags in a wide range of film types for virtually any bag packaging application. Different materials are used for their unique characteristics including clarity, strength, opacity, barrier properties, printability, puncture resistance and other industry specifications. With a variety of unique material solutions, you can select the best option for your specific packaging application including films for mail order bags, UV resistant bags and anti-static bags.

Types of film materials include:

Linear / Low Density Polyethylene - Offers superior strength and durability

Our linear, low-density material is ideal for applications requiring superior durability and strength.

  • Superior bag strength, durability, easily processed
  • Ideal for packaging hardware, automotive parts, food, craft items, medical devices, electronic components, and other retail applications
  • Available in a wide range of plain and custom printed bag configuration

Material Data Sheets: 
Linear / Low Density Polyethylene film 

Cast Polypropylene - Excellent clarity and strength for retail bag packaging

Cast Polypropylene film is ideal where bag clarity is the primary performance requirement. This high-strength, multi-layer film offers low haze properties and high Oxygen Transfer Rates (OTR) that resists odour seepage. 

  • Ideal for foods, pet supplies, crafts items and other retail packaging 
  • High bag clarity and odour transfer resistant

Material Data Sheet:
Cast Polypropylene Film

Opaque Film - Fully opaque to conceal contents

These fully opaque films are available in a variety of polyethylene, co-extruded and custom engineered bag materials that are designed to conceal the contents within the bag. 

  • Ideal for mail order, pharmacy fulfillment, medical, and bulk parcel applications
  • High opacity, strength and security

Material Data Sheets: 
Mail order fulfilment film 

UV Inhibitor - Protects bag contents from ultra-violet rays

Translucent and opaque materials provide high UV protection, strength and machinability. 

  • Ideal for mail order, pharmacy fulfillment, medical and security applications
  • Ultra-violet protection, durability and good printing characteristics

Material Data Sheet: 
Ultra-violet Inhibitor film 

Anti-Static - Designed to dissipate static build-up in the bag

The Anti-Static line of packaging films are specially engineered for bagging products that may be harmed by static discharge. This linear low density polyethylene is amine free and compatible with silver solder and polycarbonate materials. 

  • Ideal for electrical and electronic components and kits
  • Dissipates static build-up and protects components inside the bag

Material Data Sheet: 
Anti-Static film 

Metal Shielding - Designed to protect contents from electrostatic discharge

The static shielding bags are constructed in two layers to provide a Faraday effect, preventing penetration of damaging electrostatic fields. 

Suitable for packing electronic products which are sensitive to static, for example PCBs, IC integrated circuits,  and CD drives
Printing available on request 

Material Data Sheets 
Metal Shielding film 

Anti-corrosion - Corrosion-resistant bags protect contents against rust

This unique material includes corrosion inhibitors that protect the contents from rust without the need for costly coatings. 

  • Ideal for bag packaging of ferrous metals for automotive, aerospace and jewellery 
  • Rust protection that does not affect electrical, mechanical or finish properties of bag contents

Material Data Sheet: 
Anti-corrosion film 

SDA Environmentally Friendly - Oxodegradable* films offer a more environmentally responsible packaging option

Oxodegradable bags feature a special formulation that causes degradation without compromising performance. 

  • Ideal for all applications that require an eco-friendly solution 
  • Material performance remain intact

Material Data Sheet
SDA film

GeoTech Environmentally Friendly Films - Reprocessed films offer a more environmentally responsible packaging option

Reprocessed film is made with pre-consumer recycled material and is ideal for applications where colour consistency is a secondary performance requirement. 

  • Ideal for all applications that require a cost-effective, eco-friendly solution 
  • Material performance remain intact 

Material Data Sheets: 
GeoTech Reprocessed film 

*Oxodegrades in one to five years.
Features, Options and Technical Specifications subject to change.